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January 24, 2012



La calle

Es una calle larga y silenciosa.
Ando en tinieblas y tropiezo y caigo
y me levanto y piso con pies ciegos
las piedras mudas y las hojas secas
y alguien detrás de mí también las pisa:
si me detengo, se detiene;
si corro, corre. Vuelvo el rostro: nadie.
Todo está oscuro y sin salida,
y doy vueltas y vueltas en esquinas
que dan siempre a la calle
donde nadie me espera ni me sigue,
donde yo sigo a un hombre que tropieza
y se levanta y dice al verme: nadie.

Sounds much better in the original, I think, particularly line 8 which articulates the alienation and inauthenticity with some relish.

I see what you're getting at but don't let the inevitable business of ageing and entropy fatally undermine you. As the coaches say warningly the reality is we are only ever one injury away from oblivion. That is the existential conundrum at the heart of a sporting commitment. It is possible to find 'stoke' out of the water: it takes a certain amount of stoicism and willed re-education.

As a long term follower of the blog, I wish you the very best of luck.

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