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January 18, 2012



what what?


Picture the scene.... mid November, sun out , small wave at gwenver, myself, mick, jess, jill, jeff n luke out, lovely last wave ....drop off board... scream... knee not good, lonnng paddle back t sennen, imense pain that night, trip to the docs next day, ahh yes miss scott defo damage. rest, MRI, see what damage done CAN@T stress enough, do nothing, What about cycling she asks, NO, yoga? NO NO surfing? NO NO NO training? NO you get the pic. 2 weeks later... just catch some white water, promise i wont stand, oh look i'm up.. Fast forward 6 weeks scan results, yes bad tears t the knee ligaments.. ALL of them. " dont worry miss Scott we will have you back on your board in 3-4 months HA been surfin since the first time , cycling, yoga, training etc.. i know what i can do i know what hurts if it does i dont do it. Surfers know best not docs, I know you gotta be carefull but what you gonna do , Knit, Macrame , or worse . Stick with it Alex i know a torn knee isnt the same as your neck and the concequences are not as drastic but WE SURF no matter how badly or how slow we have to do it, WE SURF ALWAYS x

monster beats headphones

I've had to memorize all the northwoods-inspired names for all the beats.

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