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July 28, 2008


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When someone pays me an unexpected compliment, I ofetn tell them that they made my day!

Cassius Tyler

Cass says what about him?? A bloody fine surfer and the other son!!

Rob Salter

I first visited skewy in 1984, probably one of the "wrong sort of people" later that year a load of us came down from Barry South Wales. Barry is quite an aggressive town and we didnt get the skewjack ethos. We were a bit full of ourselves and missed the point a little I think. We did however have a great time and returned year after year. Skewy had a massive effect on me and changed my outlook on life. A massive massive thankyou to both the Chris's PT, and all the other staff, Sennen locals etc. The place is sadly missed and still talked about fondly and frequently. :-)

sally reynolds

I loved skewjack, some people unfairly called it screwjack, which rather spoilt things for me. Im wondering if anyone remembers giro joe or tall tom, during the summer of 68 I found myself pregnant, I only recall sleeping with these two men, although it is possible that I slept with many others, if you recall sleeping with me
please get in touch and tell me all about it, I,d love to hear about it, and if anyone knows the whereabouts of giro joe,please let me know.


I went for a few years from 78 through to 84 I think being the last time. Thereafter we broke away and used to stay at Gwenva camping in Les Nicholas's paddocks at Peace and Plenty. In 86 and 87 I stayed at Gwenva all summer from May through to Nov and we used to go over to Skewjack in the evenings and drink and party there and as Chris and the others have said it had lost it's way a bit and didn't have an identity that worked. In the early days it still had some of that magic 78 and 79. People who were there may have recognised me or knew of me as Dave 'The Mod' (From Tilbury, in Essex). As others have said, it was definitely a life changing experience. Surfing for some reason if you engage with it gives you a different life perspective as did all the people who I met down there. Definitely an iconic and important part of British surfing and if you didn't experience it, you did really miss out! I was only a visitor, but the people that were involved in it must have had a wail of a time!

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