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September 18, 2008



Just a note to add to this having just talked to the lifeguards down at sennen about this apparently they have nothing to do with the article, neither have they had a particularly bad year with insidents happenin on the beach ( just the usual poo ) they don't seem to be very happy about what was said and hope that nothing comes of anything that the paper has mentioned particularly asbos and police on the beach. As a local to sennen that surfs it all year jetski aside I have found the lifeguards to have been better this year than they have ever been, yes they are annoying with thier red n yellow flags but they do have a duty of care to the public. So lets for the last 3 days of their year play nicely, don't surf in the swim section, and wear a leash, cos lets face it I think I can safely say that no-one I know(at least I don't think) wants to hurt anyone and it is only 3 days.


What is the point in surfing without a leash anyway? The few times I've seen people doing it, they were just a liability in the water. Suddenly you have two obstacles to avoid. And as for making you surf better?.........Do me a favour and always wear one.


Phil, have you ever tried surfing without a leash? take a good look around you on a busy day, Is that beginner sitting next to you that and about to drop in on you any less dangerous, Is the fact that the person who continually lets go of their board and forgets that the reach of that boards is possibly 20 feet any less dangerous, is a canoe going uncontrollably sideways at you any less dangerous, how about the sharp point on the shortboards , surely they could take an eye out, how about those nasty sharp fins, you know the ones that slash through your board, especially when that beginner drops in on you and gets it completely wrong. Surely a surfer not wearing a leash is the least of your worries. On a longboard under head high I do not wear a leash, over that I have learnt to ride all manner of other boards and will always wear one. I choose not to wear one, not because its supposed to be cool or retro, purely because it has taught me a thing or two about surfing. Like others not wearing a leash should teach board control, ending the ride without just randomly letting your board go, it should teach you to not take off on a close out and therefore help with wave judgement, it also makes you more aware of those in front of you, unlike the majority who seem to have blindfolds on. Try it Phil, lose the leash, but only when you think the conditions are right, when there are no crowds or when you feel its small enough to just feel what surfing is like when your not attached to the board, I bet you enjoy it, and I bet it will make you choose your waves very carefully. Because above all Phil, most of the surfers I know who surf without leashes, have never hit anyone but have all been hit by others. Why is it that no one ever moans about them?


Russ, I have indeed tried surfing on several occassions over the last 25 years without my leash (shortboard only) but thought it was more responsible to do so. It also allows me to not be afraid of dropping in on a larger wave / closeout.
I do however agree that there are more dangerous water users out there and admire your attitude and would one day, when I'm older / less fit, make the transition to a longboard without a leash. Perhaps when there are a few people out Russ, you could try surfing with a leash and see if those skills you have developed without one are still there?

Russell Pierre

Phil, are you saying that you have to be old and unfit to ride a longboard? and you have never surferd anything other than a shortboard in 25 long years? Blimey, you must have missed some classic small days because you don't want to be seen on anything other than a shortboard, especially not wanting to mix it up with all those fat old boys down on the beach with big smiles after a great session in the clean little peelers. Hang on a minute, i surf alongside longboarders aged between 13 and 75! I do surf with a leash on my shortboard but the skills I learnt without a leash I still use with one, for example, not taking off on closeouts and hanging onto my board.

Phil Martin

Russ, one day - one day I'll try the longboard again. I expect I'll also do it sans leash! As long as you're doing what you enjoy on whatever length board then it gets a big smile from me.

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