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September 25, 2008


Graham Shephard

I used to wait for the Old Spice Ad....... when I was

"Too young to shave, too inland to surf"

Beach Bum

Hmmm ... I deduct from your recent travels then, sir, that when you were in London, Sea Nymph and I had occasion to test the waters down at Sennen. I found myself wondering "out the back" (to use the parlance)that if, looking from that fine strand, your shack was perched to the left, or to the right of the beach. And by chance, the previous day, I was rather taken with some pleasing abstract art in a gallery in Mousehole, produced, I am informed by the owner of said gallery, by one Karen Wade. The framing detracted somewhat, I venture to add, from the piece itself but I was well pleased by the blue tones and the half moon I viewed. If I was not pecuniarly challenged at this point, I daresay I would have made purchase of this particular painting. (Just for your Ed. And yes, you can beg, steal or borrow - I don't mind at all.)

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