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October 20, 2008


bleeding eardrums

im hitting the same wall

Christian C

to the core

all the waves that took me along
showed collaboration, shared their knowledge and started a interactivity with me.

A Good Thing.

For me Waves are 2.0


good but old..........

see my blog for more

Tim Kevan

Hi Alex, Delighted to see your blog being hosted by A1 Surf. Have a good one in Santa Cruz. Cheers, Tim

Paulo Ribeiro

Unfortunately, that feeling it's not exclusive to the British. I also see the portuguese with the same attitude.
They don't want to share, they don't show, they don't tell. It's their waves. Nobody else can have the fun, the pleasure they have in those waves. Obviously, the rule it's not applied when they go on a surf trip, somewhere else.

A friend of mine told me that "We are what we share". I think that sentence came from Oxford, from
I think he is right.


Hey Alex, hope you are enjoying Cali, just got back from there last week, the surf in Santa Cruz was a little small but fun none the less. make sure you don't just hang around The Lane, get down to Pleasure Point, 38th, the Hook etc, loads of great spots and some fine places to eat on 41st ave. have fun and hope the swell turns up so Steamers get big and crazy. BTW, love web 2.0, it's the only way we will get to see the cold water classic this side of the pond.

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