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November 01, 2008



"Support your local shaper"

Those 4 words are the key if we want to keep surfing as it is. Affordable custom made surfboards is the most unique thing we have compared to any other sport/activity.



I know a nice cure for u r guilt.
Come to my place, a City called Kiel. Its one hour North of Germanys Hamburg.
Try to live here for a while and became a surfer of the baltic sea.

Why ?

we have maybe the worst waves here u can possibly imagine.

we have one of the coldest water
goes down to 3 degrees in the winter

.. but, we surf.

we drive 1 hour car for a 4 foot, wind blown, shivering wave.

since I live here and surf here, I really appriciate every little wave I can get.

and still, I feel guilty if I don t go

Eddy would go and so should you.


stop feeling guilty about not going for a surf and start feelin guilty about abandonind said son to the freezing cold waitin for you to pick him up after he had. seriously tho Mick went in whilst i was coaching and he said it wasn't that great and the wind picked up later making it even worse so don't beat yourself up about missin Sat, all the other bad calls and misses tho feel guilty, very very guilty. see you in the water soon, matbe tommorrow who nos

Graham Shephard

42 is NOT old.... it might be creaky and it might mean the advent of spaghetti arms a little sooner than before but it is NOT OLD.

There are a plethora of still surfing Sennen originals way the wrong side of 50, and one coming up for 75.

So "stop yer whinging" you young whipper snapper and get back in the water.

Mind you forgetting Harry could conveniently be put down to a "Senior Moment."

Remember too: "The older you get, the bigger it was....!"

Enjoyed the Cali articles tho, it was the mature style I think...

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