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March 13, 2009



My favourite board of this superb winter in the Atlantic a Bonzer 5 gun shaped by the guru > Malcom himself and glassed at the moonlight factory in CA.

Bonzer 5 convert!

Pete R

Don't be Scilly, there's no surf there...

How can a set of islands plonked in the SW Approaches with nothing between them and Columbus Island have any chance of surf?

There is about as much chance of a decent wave as there is at a well known Cornish Naturist reserve.

Plus the fact the water is B***** freezing. (that is true)

Rocky Atlantic Islands with surf? What ever next... Canaries aren't birds, Madeira isn't a drink?


Quads better than thrusters? ....Probably

That simon anderson knew nuffink.

air jordan shoes

They lope like wolves into banks, snatch fistfuls of money and live large in the face of the Great Depression .

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