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March 25, 2009


Dave J

Lowey is already a legend at 25 but give yourself a break - you can't keep up with the likes of him!


i like stories like this


Alex, this is what I like about you. I read your blog, and it makes me want to do something. As a near 45 yo myself, I'm just going for a run now, and have vowed to do next years London Marathon. Cheers mate.

EL 50

great post and you're right - Tom, Fergal and Mickey have raised the bar massively

now get out there and get training!


I have trained with you Alex and YOU ARE FIT! who cares if people are fitter than you, lifes to short for all this. Just remember you only go round once and as long as your fit and healthy (which apart from your niggly problem areas you are) you should be consentrating on having fun, enjoying yourself, being nice to your body and doing what YOU want. Stop comparing yourself to other people its not good for you , you are you and thats that ! I think you should go off to Costa Rica, have a nice time, spend quality time with your family and not worry about this and surf your arse off, But I insist that you come back smilin with no worry lines that your not as good at something as someone else. IT DOESN'T REALY MATTER.

Alex Wade

Cheers to all on this (especially you Allie!).

I think what I was trying to say is that it's inspirational encountering the likes of Tom Lowe, but that, yes, the truth is that the days when I might have been as fit as him (if they ever existed) are over. That said, it's good to keep the faith. Even if I was at half the pace of Stef and Tom, it was still great to be in the fresh air, opening my lungs, training.

Does that make sense?

Right, off to Costa Rica soon - with a smile!


Glenn Walker

fantastic surfer!!! theres some pretty good footage of him surfing in this preview, he features on a relentless energy film to come out next month October.

good watch

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Gilda Jacoobsen

Hi Tom, trying desperately to get in touch with Matt , received two letters from him while he was somewhere in the world, and so were we. Back in Yalls until March then back in the u.k. Would dearly love to catch up with him. Great surfing career Tom. Come a long long way since we first met you in St Ives and Dunsborough.Congratulations.

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