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April 01, 2009



Hey Alex,
Thought you might enjoy this video that a good friend of mine made in your surf downtime.

It's an entry for a competition run by Barclaycard. I think it's pretty cool, and I think you'll agree.
If you can spare a minute please check this out, vote and help them win, thus funding their general livelihoods.

And if you really like it, posting it on your blog would be pretty awesome too, but, y'know, no pressure.

Cheers Alex, and hope you like it!

PS - Here's instructions on how to vote if you haven't already:
Go to:

Click VOTE (the middle button of the three blue ones) and then scroll through the videos on the right until you find "8-BIT Waterslide in Real Life". Load it up and watch it, then hit the green thumbs up.
Sorry there isn't a more direct way of voting, but it's worth the effort.


I really feel for you, Alex. You must be knackered with all that surfing and hanging out on sun-drenched beaches. I'll be thinking of you as I crowbar myself into a rush hour train into central Tokyo tomorrow morning. God, I wish I was in Costa Rica...

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