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April 17, 2009


I would just like to say that I think your wife's work is fabulous and, if my bank balance permitted, would hang more than one on my walls.

Having seen the previous blog of your rear view in what could only be described as "interestingly patterned shorts", (read loud and lairy) perhaps you could ask 'er indoors' to screen print some fabrics and make you (and me ) a pair of shorts using her artwork....

Now there's a thought... "Visions of the land return to the sea" range... "Granite Path to the Ocean" brand...

I'd buy, and probably could afford it as well....


Graham (in Rainy flat, dull grey, I'm gonna buy a SUP, Eastbourne...)


Very nice stuff, Alex (I mean, Karen). If I do make it down to Cornwall while I'm over in the UK, I'll try to have a look.

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