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April 28, 2009



this is more like it young Wade, let it out, then let it in again


Nurse Nurse hes out of bed again. keep taking the pills alex, stop thinkin, Start surfin ( your LONGBOARD ) see you in the sea soon i,ll be the one paddling away at high speed to avoid catchin the fear that appears to have overtaken you.( bad withnail ref there am i indeed now showing my age0


This is the work of pure pure twisted genius. I am spell bound by his Machiavelian thinking...(unlike my spelling I fear)

This is a man who has a plan.

Summer's coming, the line up will fill with driftwood, tempers will not fray, they will shred; Fathers with no sense of irony will shout "Bastard" at their nimble, fleet footed, fast paddling offspring, sliding into their path....

Yet who, pray tell me, who is going to drop in on Alex now ????

See, strategic genius....

Oh Alex, if you think your sons spelling is bad...Take heart I am marking final year UG dissertations...fear not site spooling is not just a young persons game.

PS went through 12,000 hits this week, probably more now than ever stayed there... Thank you all.


Mr Graham, I remeber that bike hearse ! it was here in Newquay when I was a kid ! ha ha , excuse me while i dissapear back down memory lane ..............................................................
oh yes, wasnt it lined with purple stuff ?

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