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August 16, 2009



Well done, Alex! I hope the lad who had the asthma attack was OK.

Is this a local event for local people in a "we don't like strangers around these parts" kind of way?


Yep - "foreigners" from Penzance are particularly unwelcome - must be gutting for them, as so many of our guys have won the race over the years :-)

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harry farrer

Alex, I did the swim in 2009 or maybe it was 2010 as well, shame I didn't bump into you I guess. I was just wondering if you knew about what sort of date the swim would be this year, did it while on holiday by chance but would love the oppertunity to do it again :)

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I love these people, so funny yet so normal.

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Wisdom of the ancients always served civilisation well.

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