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October 15, 2009



i think it must be karma for going 'sup'ing ! seriously though get better soon!


im as bad, when i saw you on wed i was recovering from a bad cold (piglet flu i think) a badly wrenched knee from a yoga pose that i shant be repeating for a while, on a board that i haven't surfed for 4 years because 2 weeks ago my usual board was finned so 2 lovely cuts were 3" into my rail then on sunday 3 steps into the sea i managed to snap my next board in two. I feel that someone somewhere is trying to tell me something about my chosen past times at the mo, I think i'm gonna go back to boxing its safer or maybe we should take up macrame together although some of that string can be dangerous i hear, so scrabble it is then. Get well soon and see you in the water when your better and not before (i will be asking for a docs note before i let you in again)

Traceys Tent

its all a dream

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