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November 27, 2009



Awful sorry to hear about your assorted ailments.
Here's wishing you a thorough and speedy recovery so you can get back in the ring again asap, as 'twere.




Ok I take back all i said the other day ( well not all of it ) Get Mad, Get Very Mad, your allowed now. Someone is taking the p**s. Sit down in a comfy chair, one which you can't fall out of, surround it in cushions and strap yourself in ( with your luck at the mo take NO chances) then get BLIND STINKINGLY, MIND NUMBINGLY DRUNK !!!
Have one on me buddie. xx

Alex Wade

Tried to reply then Allie but it disappeared into the ether. You have anticipated my plan almost exactly, cushions and restraining devices included. Even the neurosurging dude said a few beers tonight would be not only understandable but permissible (so long as I took my pills too). Then it's some serious rest for two weeks so that I hopefully get rid of Lyme disease and have the op. And as I said in the message which may well appear (somewhere, somehow), the first wave I surf after all this will be very, very sweet.


there will be none sweeter and I hope i'm there to witness it. See you in the sea next summer. or in the carpark sooner x


My dad sympathizes with the 'interesting' thing. He has sarcoidosis and the scans of his spleen are being published in a medical journal as it's one of the biggest cases ever seen (about 30cm round, it's normally the size of a fist). He had 3 doctors and 25 medical students examining him at once the other day.
Hope things pick up for you soon. Please keep updating! And take care! Isobel.

Dian Demmer

Both you and your Dad need to go to and specifically look at info about The Marshall Plan. And please stop the steroids.....they are the worst thing you can do for Lyme. I had your rash 25 years ago. It covered one whole side of my butt, but was not diagnosed with Lyme till years later. After being on every cure traditional Docs use I was never cured! Talk about mad!!!! Dr. Marshall has cured his own sarcoidosis and many other diseases including Lyme's Disease. I'm doing his protocol now and when I'm not Herxing (not often) my chronic severe pain is much better. I appreciate how mad you are..I had to give up riding 12 years ago after a riding accident Could not recover from thigh operation which is when the Lyme pain started so if it were me I'd wait on that operation. Hope Isabel sees this for her father! Good Luck, Dian

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