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November 30, 2009



You're using the Limes wrong:

Fingers crossed.

PS: Before you read 'It's not about the bike', read this one on Lance - Lance's book is unbearably preachy, whereas this captures the Lance phenomenon objectively, and it's damn impressive.

Alex Wade


Neil Watson

No sooner was I thinking "Alex turned bad times into a good book before - he could do it again", than you give us the title.
Glad to see you're still one (wobbly) step ahead of the game!

Alex Wade

Neil, you're onto something for sure. The only problem is actually managing to surf again BUT I am a determined old bastard so roll on Lyme cure, the op and some waves next summer...

Here's a thought you'll appreciate. As you know, our good friend Prof. Martin wrote a book chronicling the Bradshaw/Foo rivalry. He made much of Foo's famous quote, something along the lines of: It's not tragic to die doing something you love.

My thought is this. I'm told that if I go surfing (which I love), any jolt to my head or neck - e.g. paddling out and getting a wave on the head when duck-diving, or twisting the neck when turning - could irreparably crush the nerves somewhere around C4 in my spine. In other words, I'd be paralysed.

If that happened, in the sea, I would inevitably drown.

So I am in an interesting position. I could choose to paddle out (suitably dosed up on painkillers) knowing full well that what to any fit surfer would be an everyday surfing event could kill me.

I dont think I'll be paddling out. Sounds a bit tragic to me. But there may yet be some literary/comedic value in the conceit...



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