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November 24, 2009



have the op mate, doctor dude has to say the worst case scenario.


and surf again you will my friend. Keep possitive remember they have to tell you all the options ITS THEIR JOB !!! just remember a positive attitude goes a long way ( don't meen to sound all hippy dippy but I do belive that) If you lye back and accept this thing then it will eat you up, and dispair will win, It is a VERY strong emotion it is designed to show you the path of least resistance and make this the attractive option. Fight it and you will win, it's hard but possible ( you need to talk to the yank he'll tell you )You have a supportive family and good mates, and failing that you know some handy people that can design a surf board with integrated zimmer frame so you can surf again (this maybe the option I go for next). Stay possitive my friend and hang loose. loads o luv and the odd cup of hot choc for you to leave if you ever want one next time we're all together x


Go with the best option according to the stats, mate. Looks to me like you have a 70% chance that things will be unchanged or better after the op.

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