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May 09, 2010


Sarah Astley

Brill.! Hope you all have a fab. time.


I'm not sure what to say. I'm caught somewhere between saying 'congratulations' and 'be careful', so I decided to say both:)


Graham Shephard


Like Neelu, Congratulations BUT be careful.



Stoked to hear you got back on a board! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Heidi Wigmore

Likewise Congratulations came to mind yesterday when I saw you Alex, but BE careful was more on my mind.

Other than a cut knee which you got from looked on good form earlier, if not a little sun kissed! I might have known Dennis would set you up for the rest of the week too


Neil Watson

Great news Alex, you must be stoked to be back on board. As for "angst", it can mean a sense of anxiety or remorse. If it tempts you further to the main peak at La Santa, you'll know the remorse bit for sure. DON'T DO IT!

Andy Cox

Good on you Alex


I hate to say I told you so but " I TOLD YOU SO"


I'm with Neelu...........hope you have a great holiday, you may even get lucky like me in Antigua & get forced to enjoy it a little longer than you thought!!! Lx & the crew


Alex, I really can't condone this kind of behaviour. I suggest you pack up and go home and I will fly over and finish the job for you. How's that sound? I'm all heart, me.

Seriously, great to hear you're surfing again, but do take care. And how can I score some work like that...?


great to hear it Alex (or axle?????) take care. jonty


That's great that we can take the moreover, it opens new possibilities.


Great Alex! Small steps are what it takes...


totally stoked for you! take it easy though! :-)


Hadn't checked your blog in a while. Great to hear your back in the water. Good luck with it - take it easy!

nike shox

. They hung out last night and were up and ready for some surf today, and soon enough a convoy had set off for La Santa. This fabled right-hander will need no introduction to seasoned surfers, and it was a sight for sore eyes when we arrived.

Shox NZ

Fortunately, although it has not been due to pay it, but he was still on the road...

Nike Shox

Your article looks good, I like bits and pieces of daily life, like a movie.

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