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May 13, 2010



Hi Alex,

another great entry, true to how you all look, relaxed and effortlessly content. It was so great so see how much you appreciated the importance of seeing Cesar Manriques home, his work examples and his vision.

You have so much still to come when you return one day, Which will be sooner rather than later I hear! I too have just spoken with Jose Saramagos assistant and I hear July is a go ahead.. Well done! Harry will get his wish? A summer visit.

See you later for farewell dinner. It's been fun, and great to have new friends on board.

H x


I noticed you said you accidently left your wallet on top of the car. Does your Lyme Disease cause you to have brainfog by any chance? Even if it doesn't- it's a good excuse:P



Great news and delighted that you have had such a positive boost. Harry seems to be evolving his skill set rapidly and to think last winter you wondered if he would ever surf again (until the water warmed of course!)
There's some fabulous early 70's Cornish surf here. (From 40 minutes for the surf related stuff.)

Dave P

Great to hear you're back in the water. Take it steady.

Sand Sock Girl

It's good to see you had a great time with your family. It seems that you guys enjoyed the trip. The photos were full of good memories. Thanks for the post!

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