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May 11, 2010



I still think you'd be better off going home and letting me finish up for you. Failing that, we can just swap for a week or so. Wouldn't you prefer to be sitting in a stuffy office in Tokyo while it drizzles outside?



I am from Cornish World Magazine and we are currently writing a feature on blogs about Cornwall. We were wondering if we could include your blog in this article?
Please let us know what you think and thank you for any help you can give us.


Heidi Wigmore

Hi Alex,

We still have the Cesar Manrique Foundation this morning, Jose Saramago Library tour, Hopefully the National Park, plus you have time to chillax at the beach this afternoon and Thursday.

Its hard not life, bless you, I feel your pain.

You are very welcome and we hope that you have taken lots away from this trip so far.


Heidi Wigmore

I have only actually come back here quickly to show you the wonderful ways of modern day phones (did I say phone? Sorry, I meant i phone, non of that blackberry business.

The picture Karen took is this one, and you haven't even walked to the bank after dropping me back at the office. I will leave you to tell everyone about our adventure Alex, and an adventure it was!

Heidi Wigmore

It didnt work. Thats not the picture at all!Rubbish i phones.

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