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October 08, 2010



xx, t xx


Thers more to life than surfin Mate. Like WALKIN> your still welcome at any break, in our van for an apres surf ( or what ever you have been doing cos it will be us surfin) cup of black coffee, not hot choc tho and a piece of cake, cos once a surfer always a surfer . In my eyes anyway. See you soon, its a white van now by the way, same as the old red one ,but white. xxxx

Mark Morris

I was interested that jogging was ok'd by the physio as I have been offered 'the peek cage' (although I am avidly trying to avoid any opeation) & running was declared a bit of a no-no by my neurologist.


Sorry to hear that, Alex, but it would have been a lot worse to read that you had gone out surfing and ended up in a wheelchair.

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Hi Alex,
I can't find your contact information on the site. I wanted to know if we could interview you for our blog. Send me an email here if you are interested:

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