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January 03, 2011



Welcome back Alex it's been too long...

Hope the scan results show positive progress and 2011 sees you back in the water.

Not sure on being updated with Hoops news every so often, but a little mention of Watford wouldn't go amiss ;-)

Best of luck

J Drayson

Let's hope 2011 brings good results and useful treatment.

As too not being able to surf well at least you have the pleasures of inhaling that sea air which is more than we land locked people have.


Happy New Year, Alex.

I hope everything goes well for you and your family in 2011. If it's any consolation, I haven't been able to surf since the summer either.


Happy new year to you too Alex - hopefully a positive 2011.

Neil Watson

Good to see a new post, despite the bad news.
As for the future, I'm sure you could make even an ex-surfer's blog very readable. Let's face it, a lot of us are heading that way!

Josh Aggars

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Sorry to hear of the ongoing injury problems. I had to have a couple of MRI's and then surgery on my spine a year ago. It took a while to recover but now am back to normal (well almost) so hang in there. With the right surgeon you'll get there. Don't give up. The road is long but there is good at the end.

You a QPR fan too? Da, da, da, hoops, da, da, da, daa. I used to live on Bloemfontein Road so had the pleasure of a 2 minute walk to the entrance (and Millwall fans passing by once a year!).


Happy new year to you & all the crew, I hope its an improving one. Have just had a date to go back for round 2 of the cardiac ablation game, can't wait!! Keep the faith old friend and never, ever give up. Hope to be on the road at easter, do you know any good camp sites near you. I have 2 girls here giving me serious grief about 2 cousins they have never met!! Love to all Lx & the crew


Been a while since I checked the site. Sorry to hear about the neck Alex. I wish you a speedy return to the water.

To cheer you up a bit check this out....

Funny as f*&k. Reminds me of the crew at a few surf shops I could mention ....

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Sand Sock Girl

The video is great! I can imagine the frustration you're feeling watching surfing videos and missing the sound and feel of the crashing waves as you glide on it. Hope everything will be okay with your neck.

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