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July 10, 2011


J Drayson

Hmm Searing and burning afflicting your thigh, I remember it well but then it wasn't just one thigh in my case it was in many areas.
Possibly peripheral neuropathy, possibly your neck problems possibly the same as me, you will never know probably what is the cause but you may yet like I did find treatment that makes it better- not just palliative I mean really well again.

Yes I know your response Alex- Thank you and Goodbye.

You say why or how could the Medical Authorities get this wrong it is just a lot of cranky patients misguided by what they read on the internet, well denial abounded with this hacking business in the beginning as so with MP's expenses claims- oh no it can't be serious we will ignore those reports it will go away.

Well Lyme patients don't go away even when they get well because they are very well aware of the shenanigans, to put it kindly that leave so many sick people sick and denied treatments that can and do get them well.

I look at your blog occasionally in the hope that you are at last recovering, but I feel nearly as disappointed as you must that you still are not fully well, broken ribs aside.


god your a walking disaster Wade, take up chess( on second thoughts you may drop a piece and do your back in bending t pick it up) try origami....ah no paper cuts, macrame....rope burns. OK theres no hope for you, try cage fighting and be done with it. Hope the ribs get better soon x

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