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October 08, 2011



you gotta talk t the yank, he ran the surf school at sennen in 1857 or sometime round there and he knows EVERYONE, hes around in october i think

Graham S

Hi Alex, long time! What happened to the other thing that you had from the tick bite? See if you can find some details on Peter Gallagher, lived above Gwenver in the 70's and 80's. A true Cornish waterman, surfer, fisherman, repressed cowboy, his six guns hung in the F&L behind the bar for along time. Amazing character who met a tragic end in his fishing boat. I do not have enough details for a book except for anecdotes. Try Chris South at the Logan Rock, he might know. Peter deserves a written memorial he was utterly unique and should not be forgotten.
Tread carefully with the Yank! PM me!
Take care.




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