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January 13, 2015



amazing. At breakfast just this very morning, Mrs Plant and I were discussing which one of the fabulously diverse range of Peugeot road vehicles was our 'dream car'.
I must say, 5008 mpg has swung it for me, though Mrs Plant is still a huge fan of the upholstery in Peugeots old school Renault 4.
Can you help settle this finally, once and for all?
Sincerely, confussed, Newquay

Alex Wade

Tony! It's good but not 5008 mpg good... But good to hear from you. As you can see, I have resurfaced. In fact I'm even about to paddle out at a highly secret spot called Danger Bay... Catch up soon!


Todmorden? No good can come of visiting that place, you should have stayed in Hebden Bridge, from whence come all the best journalists...


keep the kettle on, i was at yours on saturday, but no lights on, now I realise you were out styling around the back lanes in yer Peugeot "Satsuma Castanet"
t xx

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